BEA 2017 Unites Diverse Authors, Bloggers and Fans For An Eventful Week In NYC

Book Expo America, a massive convention held once a year at the Javits Center in New York City, is the book lover’s Comic Con. The social equivalent to our beloved nooks, cozy blankets and comforting cup of tea. A place for anyone and everyone in the publishing industry to do more than simply talk shop and promote their new projects. From writers to vendors to journalists, bloggers and educators, it is an enjoyable, but overwhelming Mecca of show room displays, exhibition hall discussions, signings and literary treats.


We Meet Again, Mr Holmes: The Blog Is On.

Over the course of the New Year, I , The Gal About, plan on re-reading all of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson’s adventures while finishing my own mystery stories. Can it be done? Join me over at as we start this journey together and find out.

Jane Austen’s Blueprint For Men In Fiction And Real Life.

It is a universally known misconception that people who read romance novels must be in want of a non-existent, eligible man of good fortune to make them his wife. Or at least, that’s what the skeptics want everyone to believe. I used to hear people theorize that romance reader’s fantasies about finding the right man…

Director David Spaltro On Filmmaking

First and foremost, I consider myself a storyteller, and I wanted to make this a year of challenging myself and breaking the mold of how I worked.

Amazing Women Who Break Boundaries & Make A Difference.

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to have not recently published another edition of my Sherlock & Watson blog etc., but if you didn’t know, we’ve been (gratefully) busy interviewing some truly unique individuals working on amazing projects. Here are few features that you might want to catch up on. This week’s spotlight: Amazing Women Who Break…

10 Essential & Excellent Screenplays For Every Fan and Writer

  Please feel free to visit our Favorite Movie Scene Playlist on Channel:verbiage7 on YouTube afterwards. Moonstruck- This is ensemble romantic comedy at its’ best. Lovable the characters. The reflective multiple plot points. The sharp, biting humor.  This is what I refer to as a perfect script. Sure, there are no special effects and as a…

A Year With Sherlock & Watson: Entry 3.

    Entry 3 My idea of going for a short walk is heading north from East 11th street to West 57th. Yes, I have a metro card. But I’ve always felt that the best way to understand a city, to feel like part of it or understand it, is to travel by foot. Sure,…

A Year With Sherlock & Watson : Entry 2

So, how do I do this? I don’t want to post spoilers for those of you who haven’t read a particular story yet. If you live in, oh, I don’t know, most of the U.S., you have been facing an abysmal winter. Sometimes, I don’t mind the snow. I mean, two months out of the…