We Meet Again, Mr Holmes: The Blog Is On.

Over the course of the New Year, I , The Gal About, plan on re-reading all of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson’s adventures while finishing my own mystery stories. Can it be done? Join me over at erinkcoughlin.wordpress.com as we start this journey together and find out.

The Gal Grows Up. And Over A URL.

Hey everyone! It’s officially  2/21 as in 221B Baker Street. AKA the perfect day to invite you to visit my new blog site and announce a few good changes.  Here at The Gal we have been having a great, fun past few years. I have been having a great time bringing you new content and…

Jane Austen’s Blueprint For Men In Fiction And Real Life.

It is a universally known misconception that people who read romance novels must be in want of a non-existent, eligible man of good fortune to make them his wife. Or at least, that’s what the skeptics want everyone to believe. I used to hear people theorize that romance reader’s fantasies about finding the right man…

Non-Holiday Films That Take Place During The Holidays

I can’t say that I blame you. Halloween wasn’t even over before all of the Holiday stuff flooded the stores and the air waves. But by now, with December just cresting over our radar, it’s easy to get sick of watching sugar plum coated films , television specials and a plethora of holiday tunes on the commute home.

The solution?

A two-part list of movies that take place at the holidays, but don’t have the same gingerbread cookie cut plots and twists. So join us this entire month as we count down with clips and suggestions.

Magic In Every Medium: From stage to screen

Hey everyone. We’re celebrating March Magic this month. Please feel free to check out our previous interviews and feature stories with the talented likes of Best Selling authors Lev Grossman, Deborah Harkness and iPad Magician Simon Pierro. All month long we will be featuring information and clips from our favorite magical films and books. You can…

Women Making Waves In The Arts

We’re getting a jump start on Women In History Month by featuring some of our favorite interviews of last year with leading ladies who are making waves and trying to do work that makes a difference.

Director David Spaltro On Filmmaking

First and foremost, I consider myself a storyteller, and I wanted to make this a year of challenging myself and breaking the mold of how I worked.

Filmmakers Create An Accessible Master Class On Shakespeare With Muse of Fire Doc

Filmmakers Create An Accessible Master Class On Shakespeare For many people, understanding Shakespeare can be overwhelming. Over the past 6 years, London based actors Dan Poole and Giles Terera have set out on their own labor of love to demystify Shakespeare with their new documentary, Muse Of Fire. Read the rest of our interview by clicking the link above. You can…

Animated Yankee Themed Film Henry & Me Enriches And Entertains Viewers

Today’s featured story: Animated Film Hits A Home Run Every so often, one comes across a film with enduring depth capable of both entertaining and enriching the lives of audience members of all ages. Read the rest of my interview with the filmmakers of this amazing film at the link above.